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Softreck Apicra is delivering shell scripts needed to deploy applications and solutions across any architectures and environments, such:

The Apicra solution

is defining native OS scripts to generate enironment based on current system. It’s help to make a standarisated enironment modules, such python environment with definied versions used in your organisation

Code and Enironment are created as sepearated repository but working togheter. To use Application, create environment and use it depends your server or local machine environment.

This is one defined layer more between application and environment to controll it not depends virtualisation in docker or another virtualisation.

just USE it


Each script has as first “echo” line, the information for what he is started

Each scripts is responsibly and check if some data or application are existing

Example with ProMaGen

The project is supported by API Foundation

We started in 2018 with few concepts but one idea: fastest development. Now, in 2020 we are giving solutions: